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Sarah Moon: Sarah Moon

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The old saying “Big things come in small packages” could very well have been coined specifically to describe Sarah Moon and her majestic vocals. Seemingly too powerful to be contained by her body, this soulful siren’s voice erupts with an Aretha Franklin-like force of intensity that’s equal parts booming, soaring and sexy. It’ll make you stop and wonder how nature managed to hide an old-school soul diva inside a small blonde woman’s frame.
Speaking of big sounds, when listening to Sarah’s Night Sky band it’s easy to forget that only three musicians are backing her up. Guitarist Scott Strain, bassist Josh Casey and drummer Justin Fulbright create a soulful blues-rock tapestry that’s as expansive and full as Ms.. Moon’s incredible pipes. Shifting from funk n’ fun-laden grooves to smoky blues moods with ease, Sarah and the boys bump n’ grind their way through dynamic live shows that never fail to get plenty of rumps a-shakin’ on the dance floor and in the aisles.
They’re melodic. They’re motivated. They’re “melodivated.” They’re Sarah Moon & The Night Sky – brightening the skies over Portland, and everywhere they go.